Slumdog Wins!

So I have to say I was really hoping Slumdog would win for best picture at the Oscars. It’s been quite an interesting response, slightly controversial.  Reading an article in the New York Times was appalling.  Saying the movie was “over dramatized, and the poverty was Hollywoodized” … It’s infuriating  when people publish opinions that are in fact false. To deny that that level of poverty exists in the world, and to discredit the atrocities that are in fact taking place internationally… It’s one thing to not do anything about it. It’s another to deny even it’s existence. I almost posted his article but I didn’t want to give him that much credit. I may write a letter to the editor. 😉


'Slumdog' cast looks like a 'Million' bucks ‘Slumdog’ cast looks like a ‘Million’ bucks

Neighbors of actor Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail watch the a telecast of the 81st AP – Neighbors of actor Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail watch the a telecast of the 81st Annual Academy Awards …

MUMBAI, India – In the narrow lanes behind the Mumbai train tracks, the slum’s first Oscar party turned into a raucous celebration of two hometown heroes, complete with Bollywood dance moves and squeals of joy from old friends.

Every time the big-eyed girl who calls this slum home appeared on TV, her friends gawked, beamed, shouted — and danced.

Rubina Ali, 9, was plucked from the tin roof shack she shares with her parents and six siblings in this squalid Mumbai slum to star in “Slumdog Millionaire,” the darling of this year’s Academy Awards.

Her friend and neighbor, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, was also chosen for the film, and both were flown to Los Angeles to watch “Slumdog” nab eight Academy Awards, including the Oscars‘ highest honor for best film.

To view the rest of the article…


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