What is happening to our society?

Donating my time as a volunteer for iSanctuary has been an eye-opening experience.  Never before have I been so aware, or more affected, by the plight of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of young girls.  Exploitation is all around us, from magazine ads depicting pre-teen girls as sex objects, to television shows and music videos showing violence and disrespect for women.  The last thing I expected when going on a camping trip with my family last week at Vail Lake Resort was to come face to face with the horrible way in which exploitation of this kind has permeated our lives.  On Saturday night, the resort hosted its annual Halloween Costume Contest.  To my horror, the winners of the contest were two young girls, probably no older than 15, scantily dressed up like prostitutes, who were chained to a little boy about 8 years old, who was dressed up as a pimp!  The cheers from the audience were more than I could stomach.  What is happening to our society?  I understand that we are in a free country and we are allowed to express ourselves, but our children flaunting prostitution?  Really?  Is our society so desensitized that we are allowing our own children to play dress-up as prostitutes and pimps?   Here we are trying to fight human-trafficking and prostitution among innocent young victims around the world, and right in our own backyard we are allowing our children to glamorize this very thing during Halloween.   My heart shudders at the thought. I hope each of you will take it upon yourselves to help instill good values in our young people, do what you can volunteering for iSanctuary, and help make a difference.

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