Commit ToMaking A Difference!

President Obama has challenged every American to commit themselves to public service as part of his “United We Serve” initiative.  Now is your chance to truly help make a difference in the lives of thousands of young women around the world who are the survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.  Please consider making a donation to iSanctuary, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering these survivors and helping them reintegrate into the community.


With its base in Mumbai , India,  iSanctuary works with international agencies that rescue the girls — ages 12 to 19 — and place them in rescue facilities where they receive counseling, educational services, spiritual guidance and vocational training.  In an effort to help the girls become self-sufficient, they are taught how to create handmade jewelry and other items that are sold in the U.S. through home parties, retail shops and community events.  In this manner, the girls establish individual bank accounts where their earnings are deposited and saved until their transition to independence at the age of 18.  Sales of the jewelry not only help support and empower these young survivors, but also serve as a vehicle for creating awareness for the plight of human trafficking victims. 


Funding is critically needed to help keep iSanctuary operational.  Your tax-deductible donation will help establish vocational centers for survivors of human trafficking in Mumbai, India, and Orange County, CA, where survivors will learn English, receive training in computer skills and have the opportunity to participate in on-the-job training and internships with iSanctuary partner companies.  iSanctuary’s future goal is to expand operations overseas, in an effort to assist as many young survivors as possible in healing, recovering, and reintegrating as valued members of the community.


We know these are difficult financial times, but we hope you will consider even a small donation.  iSanctuary offers three special giving opportunities for your convenience:



·         Your $15 donation will support educational services for young survivors. 

·         Your $25 donation will be earmarked for counseling and ongoing support.

·         Your $50 donation will help establish a vocational center in Mumbai, India and Orange County, CA, where survivors will receive ongoing counseling, support, and technical training in a variety of careers.

All donations are 100% tax deductible.  You will receive a tax receipt recognizing your generous donation, which will include verification of iSanctuary’s non-profit status.  Gift certificates are also available; consider making a donation in someone’s name, and giving it to them as a thoughtful gift.  Your family and friends will appreciate the opportunity to give back to such a worthy cause.


Again, thank you so much for your participation and consideration.   Together, we can make a difference in raising awareness for the plight of human trafficking victims and help survivors move beyond this horrific experience to a healthy, fulfilling life.


Should you have any questions or need additional information regarding iSanctuary, please visit our website or  


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