Human Trafficking Alive and Well for the 2010 Olympics

As published by Vancouver Observer

From Irwin Loy’s article, How safe are the streets of Vancouver?”, in Oldtown News, “Ask Susan Davis when the last time she had a ‘bad date’ was, and the Vancouver sex-trade worker doesn’t have to think too far back.’ Last night,’ Davis says. Her ‘date’ was drunk and got a little too rough. But Davis didn’t even think about telling the police. ‘It’s amazing what we get used to,’ she shrugs, by way of explanation. ‘An assault to me is relative to the number of times I’ve been assaulted. And I’ve been assaulted so many times I can’t remember.’”

As Daisy went on to say at the discussion, it is a myth to suggest that in a world free from sexism and racism that women would freely choose prostitution. Therefore it is not appropriate to speak of prostitution as “work”. We should speak about the “women who are in prostitution” or talk about “a prostituted woman” rather than using the terms “prostitute” or “sex workers”.

Janneke Lewis, a lawyer and activist, said,” Prostitution is chosen for us by poverty, past sexual abuse, the pimps who take advantage of our vulnerabilities, and the men who buy us for the act of prostitution.”

To read the rest of the article, click here.


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