World Fair Trade Day is this Saturday!

Every year, World Fair Trade Day is celebrated on the second Saturday of May. This year, it is celebrated on May 14, 2011. The Fair Trade movement aims to help producers of goods such as coffee, cocoa, flowers and gold, in developing countries, receive better trading conditions. In doing so, the movement helps to advocate for higher prices paid to the producers and sheds light onto the need for higher social and environmental standards of production.

Whenever there is a crisis or negative change, the population that is the most vulnerable, is always affected the most. Currently there are about 2.7 billion people who are living in poverty and about 925 million people who go hungry everyday. These examples of global crises further support the need for our world to have a fair and sustainable economy at all levels. Join us in incorporating the fair trade lifestyle into your daily routine and make a positive, sustainable difference for the world.

To learn more about the Fair Trade movement and to see how your purchases of household products rates on the fair trade scale, please click on the links below:

Fair Trade:

See the impact of your products:

*Disclaimer: iSanctuary is unable to be Fair Trade certified due to the massive amount of raw material utilized in production. We have visited the factories in China from which our raw materials are derived and have seen that the conditions are equitable. iSanctuary, as an organization, does engage in fair trade practices.


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