Another Necklace- Another Life Lesson

Aisha is the sweetest girl I have ever met.  In the face of extreme trauma, poverty, abandonment, and illness she smiles and says, “thank you, didi.” Not once but ALL the time and no matter how many times she has to ask for help or redo her work she always finishes her conversation with me with a smile and by saying, “thank you, didi.”

Aisha is the closest thing to an angel I’ve ever seen.   And when she gets discouraged my heart aches.  When she asks, “Who would ever marry me?” I want to cry and try to make her understand that the world is blind to true beauty.  But to a teenage girl suffering from severe hair lose and bone degeneration I’m not sure I have enough words or even the right words to say to make that kind of pain manageable.

Aisha and I sat this morning and talked for about a half an hour…I encouraged her and reminded her how strong and capable she is…finally she said she felt better and was ready to start her work…

Aisha is working on Princess and the Pea Necklace today… She started yesterday late afternoon and made one before it was time to go home.  This morning, as she sat in the workshop looking at the model and checking yesterdays work-she saw an error; a few beads seem to be in the wrong order.  It confused her as she thought she had it right yesterday.  So Aisha brought her necklace and the model she is working from to me.  I looked at it the way Aisha was looking at it and I realized she was holding it upside down.  I flipped it around and now all the beads lined up perfectly.  I showed Aisha and said, “Don’t doubt yourself.  Sometimes all you need to do is look at something a different way.”

Then I looked into Aisha’s deep soulful eyes and told her, “You understand I’m not just talking about necklaces, right?” Aisha replied with a little twinkle in her eye, “Yes, didi. Thank you, didi!”


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