FotoCabina’s feature on iSanctuary

iSanctuary would like to extand a sincere thank you to FotoCabina for being a feature at our “iSanctuary at Sawdust” gala event and supporting our organization and the work we do to help survivors. Below is the interview that FotoCabina did on iSanctuary with Co-Founder Wendy Hicks. For more on this feature, please check out FotoCabina’s website at:

Foto Cabina is privileged and excited to partner with iSancutuary at their annual event this coming Saturday, September 10th! Human trafficking is one of the world’s fastest growing pandemics and iSanctuary is addressing this issue head on. They have been a source of strength and hope for hundreds of young women. We asked iSanctuary co-founder Wendy Hicks some questions about it’s mission and how we can be a part of the solution.

What is iSanctuary and what is it’s mission?

Our mission is to advocate for the exploited people of the world, to educate and empower the public, and to reintegrate the survivors of human trafficking back into society.


Why is this cause so important to iSanctuary and why is it important to you personally? 

There are a lot of anti-trafficking efforts that are coming to the surface right now, but as far as iSanctuary’s focus on reintegration, there’s a huge need and a huge gap between the rescue of these women and reintegrating them back into society. Reintegration is a complete transformation for a survivor of trafficking to be able to continue on with their lives and with their future. Time and time again, we have heard from the anti-trafficking community that employment is the missing piece, which is what makes iSancutary unique. There are other rescue and rehabilitation efforts, but none exist that have tangible opportunities. This integration happens both in India and the United States, as well as some other countries.


What are some of your success stories? 

We have had an influence in the lives of over 130 girls and young women between the ages of 12 to 25. One of our youngest girls named Salini, who has been with us from day one when she was 16, has gotten married and is now pregnant with her first child. She is now educated and has a high school diploma, something only 15% of Indians ever obtain.


What is the reason that iSanctuary has been so successful when it comes to transforming and reintegrating these women into confident, healthy, and productive members of society?

We create an incredibly safe and warm atmosphere that is not focused on them being a victim. They are treated as normal people and anyone that has interacted with them has been highly trained. No one is asking them about their past or what has happened. We’re focusing on them as an individual and as a human being and affirming them and building those positive experiences to show that they are more than just one unfortunate circumstance.


In your opinion, what is the best solution to the problem of human trafficking and how can Foto Cabina fans best get involved?

It takes a collaborative effort. The 9/10/11 event is about that collaboration. For the general public, we need donations, and financial contributions to help supplement the survivor’s salaries. They should be keeping a keen eye and using the anttrafficking hotline when they’re suspicious of trafficking situations, do their research, talk about it with members in their community, invite us to talk at high schools to educate the youth, and practice consumer conscience purchasing of non-slave made products.


What are some other resources that you can give our readers who want to be involved?

The hotline to contact for suspicions of human trafficking is (888)3737-888. Also, Fair Trade USA  is an organization that aims to educate the consumer on slavery-free products and companies.


This Saturday is iSanctuary’s 9/10 Event at Sawdust. Visit to find out what you can do to bring hope and inspiration to women around the globe. With your help we can put a stop to human trafficking!


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