Child labor is not fashionable

Forever 21 is a well known “fast fashion” clothing retailer, but one practice that the company engages in that is not “in fashion” is their use of Uzbekistan cotton in their clothing. Uzbekistan is one of the world’s largest cotton producing countries and to upkeep this supply, children are forced to pick cotton in lieu of attending school and getting an education. While many other retailers and companies have chosen to prohibit the usage of cotton produced from forced child labor in Uzbekistan, Forever 21 is being hit with concerns from consumers in regards to the companies morals. With New York Fashion Week in full swing with their major event, Fashion’s Night Out, many consumers are posting on Forever 21’s Facebook page in response to the forced child labor utilized in Uzbekistan for the cotton found in their clothing.

To learn more about Forever 21’s “out of style” practice, please click on the link below:


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