Truth T.I.P. 2011

Luis CdeBaca, Ambassador-at-Large at the Office To Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons spoke about the fight against human trafficking, the United States stance, and the truth behind the T.I.P. (Trafficking in Persons report). The basis of this T.I.P. Report is to assess actions taken by governments around the world in working against trafficking of persons. The United States is also included in this report as Secretary Clinton stated, “we should hold ourselves to the same standards as we hold everyone else”. There are governments that are weak or nonexistent which provides an arena for victims to be even more at risk of modern slavery, there are governments that just go through the motions or even do nothing at all. In these societies, hope for victims is found in groups such as non-governmental organizations, international organizations, faith community and advocacy groups. Such groups are actually the front line in the battle against modern slavery and trafficking of peoples and thus, the tiers of each country is utilized to allocate funding. The turth behind this T.I.P. report is that it dictates American leadership around the world in the fight against human trafficking. “Human trafficking is a threat to our security and an offense to our most important values. But more importantly, as Secretary Clinton has said, “fighting slavery is part of who we are as a nation.” We have a responsibility to act against this crime. We must not—will not—shrink from that responsibility,” stated CdeBaca.

To learn more about the T.I.P. Report and human trafficking, please click on the link below:


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