Illinois is ahead in handling human trafficking

A national study has given a report card for each state on their handling of human trafficking cases and Illinois leaps ahead with a “B” grade. Shared Hope International, an advocacy group, reported that states have taken aggressive steps to strengthen their laws, but there are 41 states that have apparently failed to adopt strong penalties against human trafficking. With the Trafficking Victims Protections act, federal authorities can prosecute traffickers with stiff penalties, but with limited resources, federal prosecutors often times have to rely on the states themselves to crack down on the heinous crime of human trafficking.
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3 responses to “Illinois is ahead in handling human trafficking

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  2. Hello,

    I came across your post when I was researching for my topic that I will be working on this semester. My topic is on human trafficking and I found this site to be quite beneficial with what I was looking for. I read your post and I found the information to help me out to get more background on my topic. I will be researching more on this topic, and will refer to your post when needed. What struck my interest most was finding out that Illinois got a grade of “B” compared to other states that got D’s and F’s. Twenty-five states received an F, while fifteen received a D, and only a few got C’s. In my blog I discussed how this a new law coming about, and the government is having issues with getting these laws straightened out. The question that we need to ask, is what are we going to do next? Illinois is doing everything in its will power to protect those that are human trafficked, and receiving a B grade is a great outlook, because this is showing that what the state is doing to protect those individuals is doing one heck of a great job!

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