POST Graduates

It’s not everyday that one sees the fruits of their labor—especially in the non-profit world but more
importantly, in the anti-human trafficking realm. iSanctuary believes little steps are what it takes to
reach big goals. We are so proud of the ladies who have come through our doors and have achieved
a sense of self-improvement and independence. Our most recent POST (Professional Opportunities
for Survivors of Trafficking) “graduate” gave us a glimpse of why we do what we do here at iSanctuary.
During a recent exit interview with “Angie,” she gave us the biggest compliment without her even
realizing it. She said, “I no more crying because I’m not scared!” As simply as she put it, that small
sentence gives us the hope and encouragement we need to continue the fight against human trafficking.
Since entering our program, she has learned valuable computer skills while working in our shipping and
ordering department. Her favorite part of the job was reading all the positive comments that customers
wrote as she processed orders. Come this Monday, “Angie” will start her new job with an international
company with amazing opportunities for growth. She may even be able to transfer back to the home
she left under such unspeakable circumstances. As she said in her own words, “I’m a new woman!”

“Mary” is another participant who went through a life-changing transformation after completing our
program. Barely speaking English, she started training in inventory, was helping out and learning clerical
skills such as, processing orders and greeting customers in our boutique. She eventually took on a
leadership role as she supervised new incoming participants. “My English is so much better and I am so
happy to be able to learn so much for my next job.”

Recently we ran into another graduate of our program at an anti-human trafficking seminar in Los
Angeles. “Emily” had a table set up, selling her own jewelry line at the event. It was amazing to see
her and how she was able to promote and market her own designs. She absorbed skills we weren’t
even aware of by working within iSanctuary’s jewelry business. The evidence reflected in the way she
presented her own handmade jewelry.

We are incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with such remarkable women. It is our strong
desire to continue our POST program and enrich and improve each survivor’s life. The reality is that
in order to continue our mission of reintegration, we need your help. We appreciate your donations
as they are critical in funding the program. Spreading the word about what we do is also important
in championing our cause. Also, we ask that everyone support the new human trafficking initiative
measure that would increase the penalties for human trafficking–including extending prison sentences,
require convicted persons to register as sex offenders and increase fines that would help fund services
for victims. California registered voters are welcome to stop by our office and sign up if you haven’t
done so already.

We thank you for all your support and donations as we continue to develop and learn new methods for
our POST program participants. We are grateful to be able to change the lives of everyone who walks
through our doors. As “Angie” so eloquently said, “I am a new woman!” –this is what iSanctuary is all
about—enriching, improving and serving survivors of human trafficking one life at a time.


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One response to “POST Graduates

  1. Margaret Blaske

    It’s always great to hear success stories, but these bring chills to me. I am so happy for these girls who have come so far and for iS to have put together a method of getting them there. Keep up the good work.

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